The main advantage of this machine is to offer top-level functions and features at a great price.

It has everything is needed: inverter for rotation motor, inverter for carriage motor, carriage with electro-magnetical clutch or power pre-stretch system, a wide range of options and programmes to meet every requirement.
In the design process every detail has been carefully conceived to be rational: weight, dimensions, materials, electronics, wiring, assembly and transport.
The result is C-One Base: those who believe that low prices and quality can not be found in the same machine will be proven wrong.
  • Height: 2466 mm
  • Width: 1500 mm
  • Length: 2660 mm
  • Turntable height: 75 mm
  • Weight: 400 Kg
  • Power supply: 230 VAC VAC 3PH+N
  • Power absorption: 1 kW
  • Num. of pallets/hour:
  • Electronic printed circuit board for the management of the cycle
  • Frequency controller for carriage speed adjustment
  • Frequency controller for turntable speed adjustement
  • Loading plate ø 1500 mm
  • Maximum height of pallet: 2200 mm
  • Maximum size of the pallet: 800x1200 mm
  • Maximum loading weight: 1200 kg
  • Electromagnetic brake for the stretching of the film
  • Photocell for pallet height detection
  • Safety stop at the base of the carriage
  • Stop at 0 position
  • Power board IP54
  • 3 password levels (including lock password)
  • Adjustable parameters by the control panel without password: cycle selection, bottom laps, top laps, topsheet cycle
  • Parameters, rotation speed, carriage ascent speed, carriage descent speed, film tension, starting wrapping height
  • 6 working cycles: ascent/descent; topsheet; only ascent; only descent; layers; stack
  • Storage of 32 end user programs
  • 3 working ways: semimanual, semiautomatic, fixed height
  • Strenghtening operation
  • Acoustic warning at the cycle start and stop
  • Autodiagnostic
  • Wrapped pallet counter
  • Powder coating
  • Braked turntable at the end of the cycle
  • 2 years warranty
  • Top-press
  • Power pre-stretch
  • Adjustable power pre-stretch
  • Power pre-stretch with auto cut-off system
  • Roping system
  • 3000 mm max wrapping height
  • 1650 mm turntable
  • 1800 mm turntable
  • 2000 kg max pallet weight
  • Remote control
  • Ramp
  • Pit frame
  • Photocell for dark loads
  • Clip to tie the film to the turntable
  • Weighing system
  • Mechanical system to brake roll containers
  • Feet under the machine
  • Safety fences