C-One is a division of C&C group S.r.l., a company involved since more than twenty years in the production of electric cabinets and software for industrial automation.

Working in this field, the company acquired a specific know-how in the end-line domain, especially in the automation of pallets wrapping machine. In 2003 it has been built a first prototype of semi-automatic pallet wrapper with cut & seal system (it is the idea of Superplus model, that is still in our range), but only in 2005 C-One really became a manufacturer in all respects, introducing to the market C-One Base.

Today C-One can boast one of the wrapping machines most complete range on the market, from the low budget turntable to the high speed rotating arm.

C-One machines are fully designed and built in Italy, in Emilia Romagna, a region that is famous all over the world for its know-how in the packaging industry, but 95% of sales go to foreign countries, that confirms the general appreciation for our machines quality and reliability: it is not a coincidence that we choose as our motto "THE PERFECT WRAPPING", that is both our engagement and our purpose.


If we were a sweet factory, we wouldn't say that we produce sweets, we would say that our job is to make a child smile. In the same way we see the manufacturing of our pallet wrappers: they have to give satisfaction to the customer. He has to be satisfied by our answers before purchasing, he has to be satisfied by our solutions to his special needs, he has to be satisfied by our way to deal, he has to be satisfied by using the machine, he has to be satisfied by our after sales support.

These goals can be achieved by investing in the quality of the machines with new ideas developed and created with great attention to detail by a team capable of listening to the market and to interpreting its trends.

Here is our way to "the perfect wrapping", an attitude that means passion and creativity to us and directs our efforts to give our customers the best possible results.



"The perfect wrapping" as philosophy of quality.

Thanks to this simple principle C-One obtained in 2004 - in the very first year of its activity - the Quality System certification in compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

Recently C-One updated its Quality System to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. Our customers are sure to purchase a reliable, well built product. For us quality is the constant effort of improving our products and services.

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